The recorder ensemble from Germany will play a concert in
the church of Breiðarbólsstaður in Fljótshlíð on 02.06.23 at 17.00.
Cordial invitation!
The recorder ensemble "ConCor5" came together for the first time in 2017 to take part in a benefit concert. It quickly became clear that making music together was a lot of fun. They continued to meet and practise with fun, commitment and heart. The ensemble is called "ConCor5" for a reason - loosely translated it means "Five with Heart".
Since then, the ensemble has enjoyed playing in chapel and church concerts, as a musical accompaniment to events such as vernissages, private parties and other festivities.
The repertoire is constantly being expanded and ranges from original works of the Renaissance and Baroque to modern composers and world music.
The following instruments of the recorder family are played in changing instrumentations:
Sopranino, Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass and Great Bass.
The musicians: Christiane Neumann, Ulrike Klar Monika Eiden, Thomas Eiden, Christoph Neumann
Current programme
Pavans and gaillards by John Dowland
Johann Hermann Schein
Salomon Rossi
Isaac Posch Northumbrian folk tunes by Paul Clark
Irish Suite by Paul Clark
Swinging tunes by Jacob Bürthel Browning Fantasy by Clement Woodcock A girl in every port – Suite by Alyson Lewin O Amarilli zart by Johann Hermann Schein Gabriellas sang by Kay Pollak