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Mayor's Memo, Presented at the Local Council Meeting on February 8th, 2024

As usual, I give a brief overview of some of the main projects that we at Rangárþing eystra are dealing with these days

Öskudagur / Ash Wednesday

Öskudagur, also known as Ash Wednesday, is the final day of the Icelandic Shrovetide celebrations.

Sprengidagur / Fat Tuesday

Sprengidagur, also known as "Fat Tuesday," is another Icelandic tradition that is part of the Shrovetide celebrations.

Bolludagur/Bun day

Bolludagur is an Icelandic tradition that is part of the celebration of Shrovetide, which is the period leading up to Lent.

Inclusion and society: workshop

Workshop attended by members of the multicultural councils of Rangárþing eystra and Hornafjörður, members of the English-speaking council of Mýrdalshreppur, representatives from the four municipalities and regional development representatives from SASS.

Electronic publication of property tax assessment slips

is now available on


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