Do you live in any of these municipalities? (Rangárþing eystra, Mýrdalshreppur, Skaftárhreppur, Sveitarfélagið Hornafjörður). Are you a foreign resident?
Link to survey in English, Polish and Icelandic:
This survey is part of a project with the goal to strengthen demographic development in central South Iceland. The project is led by Sass and executed by Kötlusetur.
The project involves residents in the four municipalities of Rangárþing eystra, Mýrdalshreppur, Skaftárhreppur and Sveitarfélagið Hornafjörður. In this survey the aim is to learn about immigrants' views toward continued residency in the region; as well as their experience of social integration into the community, information flow and quality of services.
Your answers are anonymous. Your personal information will be invisible to both the researchers and the public.
Your input in this survey may help your municipality become a better community for new residents.