Rangárþing eystra is an integral part of Sorpstöð Rangárvallasýsla bs., a regional association encompassing Rangárvallasýsla. This facility, operational since 1993, manages comprehensive waste handling and disposal services on behalf of the three municipalities currently affiliated.

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Every household is equipped with three waste bins and an organic waste container. Join us in fostering a cleaner environment!


  • BLACK Bin: General household waste. Atop it, find a brown container for organics.
  • BLUE Bin: Designated for paper and cardboard.
  • GREEN Bin: Dedicated to plastic.
  • BROWN Container: Specifically for organic waste.

For holiday home owners, waste disposal options include nearby centers or direct delivery to the sorting center at Strand.

Non-household waste like timber, metals, and coarse materials must be taken to the container yard in Strönd. Up to 2 m³ of household waste can be deposited every seven days by the landlord without charge. Additional household waste or other waste incurs a fee based on weight and tariff. The primary municipal waste facility, Gámavöllur, is situated at Strönd.

Companies manage their own waste, with options to deliver sorted waste to the container yard at Ström or contract services from specialized providers. Companies are charged for fee-based waste based on weight and tariff, brought to Strönd facitilites.

Waste handling fees for real estate in the county are collected through real estate taxes.

Each household is equipped with three 240 ltr. containers for household waste, with discharge and installation fees included in the tariff. For additional or larger containers, residential property owners are encouraged to contact the service provider directly.