Master Zoning Overview: Shaping the Future of Rangárþing eystra

The Master Zoning serves as the cornerstone of the local government's vision for the development of the municipality. It delineates policies on crucial aspects such as land use, regional development, settlement patterns, transport and service systems, and environmental considerations.

Key Aspects of the Master Zoning:

  • Land Use: Defines the intended use of land within the municipality.
  • Regional Development: Outlines strategies for broader regional growth and progress.
  • Settlement Patterns: Guides the organization and structure of settlements.
  • Transport and Service Systems: Addresses the development of transportation infrastructure and essential services.
  • Environmental Issues: Incorporates policies to safeguard and promote environmental sustainability.

Connection to Regional Planning:

  • The Master Zoning establishes the foundation for crafting a comprehensive regional plan. This directs you to detailed information on land use, restrictions, transport, service systems, and settlement patterns, including settlement density.

Responsibility and Process:

  • The local government holds the responsibility for the Master Zoning, with the Planning and Environment Committee actively engaged in its preparation.
  • The Master Zoning adheres to planning laws, including planning law no. 123/2010, planning regulation no. 90/2013, and the Act on Environmental Assessment of Plans and Projects no. 111/2021.

Current Plans:

Learn More:

  • For a deeper understanding of our planning initiatives, including ongoing reviews and updates, visit the website of Skiplagsstofnun.

Together, we shape the future of Rangárþing eystra, creating a sustainable, vibrant, and thriving community.