Experience Frisbee Golf (Folf) at Hvolsvöllur Sports Area:

Discover the thrill of Frisbee Golf (Folf) at the Hvolsvöllur Sports Area, featuring a challenging 9-hole course.

How to Play: Folf follows the principles of traditional golf but with a unique twist using Frisbee discs. The objective is to complete each hole with the fewest throws possible, aiming to land the disc in the designated basket. After your initial throw, subsequent shots are taken from where the disc rests, with the foot closest to the basket serving as the marker.

Rules and Etiquette: Similar to traditional golf, Folf incorporates rules and etiquette. It's essential to allow your opponent to throw without interference, just as you would expect. Ensure that your throws won't disrupt other players or individuals in the vicinity before releasing the disc. Consideration for others is a fundamental part of the game.

Equipment Rental: For your convenience, Frisbee discs are available for rent at the Hvolsvöllur Sports Center.

Get ready for a fun-filled round of Folf amidst the stunning surroundings of Hvolsvöllur Sports Area!


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