Welcome to Rangárþing eystra Municipality:

Established on June 9, 2002, Rangárþing eystra Municipality was formed through the amalgamation of six districts in the eastern part of Rangárvallasýsla: Hvolhreppur, Fljótshlíðarhreppur, Austur Landeyhreppur, Vestur Landeyhreppur, Austur Eyjafjallahreppur, and Vestur Eyjafjallahreppur.

Geographic Diversity: Spanning from Eystri-Rangá in the west to Jökulsár on Sólheimasandi in the east, Rangárþing eystra boasts a diverse landscape. While the municipality is known for its expansive agricultural regions, it is equally gaining recognition as a growing tourism destination. Unique natural wonders and well-known historical sites await exploration.

Hvolsvöllur - The Urban Heart: At the nucleus of Rangárþing eystra lies Hvolsvöllur, the urban and service core, home to approximately 1000 residents. Serving as a pivotal hub, Hvolsvöllur is not only known for its agricultural services but is also a central point for general resident services and tourism. Notably, Sláturfélag Suðurland operates one of the largest meat processing companies in the country from Hvolsvelli. Hvolsvöllur stands out as a rare Icelandic urban area, strategically built as a center for services, detached from the sea or a riverbed.

Explore the unique blend of rural charm, modern amenities, and economic diversity that defines Rangárþing eystra Municipality.