Each year at the Meat Soup Festival, Rangárþing eystra proudly announces the Rural Artist of the Year. The cultural committee of Rangárþing eystra takes on the responsibility of selecting the recipient, but residents have the opportunity to nominate artists they believe have made a significant impact.

Eligibility Criteria: Artists or groups residing in the municipality are eligible for consideration. The key criterion is excellence in their chosen artistic field.


Artist of Rangárþing eystra 2023 - Hjálmar Ólafsson:

We are thrilled to announce that the esteemed title of  Artist of Rangárþing eystra for 2023 is bestowed upon the talented Hjálmar Ólafsson.

In the realm of art, Hjálmar has left an indelible mark, creating exquisite works that captivate the imagination. His commitment to sharing knowledge spans across generations, as he imparts wisdom to both the young and the old. Beyond his artistic prowess, Hjálmar has played a pivotal role in the development and preservation of historical structures, showcasing his dedication to the community.

Renowned for his exceptional woodworking skills, Hjálmar's artistry shines through his meticulous handling and carving of wood. Last year, he crafted an array of beautiful trinkets, Christmas decorations, trays, and more, including delightful Icelandic farm animal cutouts that have brought joy to children far and wide.

Hjálmar's impact extends beyond artistry; he has generously shared his expertise in construction and carving with senior citizens. The exhibitions of seniors' crafts stand as a testament to the fruitful guidance provided by Hjálmar. His dedication to education is further evident in his role at Hvolsskóla, where he imparts knowledge to eager learners.

Known for his unique tranquility, Hjálmar infuses a sense of peace into his artistic creations. His collaborative efforts on the development of the Old Town in Múlakoti underscore his precision and skills, contributing to the enrichment of the local heritage.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Hjálmar Ólafsson, a true maestro in the world of art and a valuable asset to the cultural tapestry of Rangárþing eystra.