Commencing January 1, 2022, the Sorpstöð in Strönd will implement access control and fee collection to enhance waste classification and streamline access to the receiving station.

Clip Cards for Property Owners:

  • Property owners in Rangárvallasýsla, paying a waste disposal fee, will receive an annual clip card.
  • Each card authorizes the disposal of up to 5m³ of fee-based waste.
  • Cards are available at municipal offices in Rangárþing eystra, Rangárþing ytra, Ásahrepp, and the reception center in Strönd.
  • The card includes property details, waste disposal fee payer identification, and requires a receipt for validation.
  • When the card's credit is depleted, payment for fee-based waste is required according to the tariff, with credit card or invoice payment options.

Usage and Access:

  • Clip cards provide entry to the Strand reception center, essential for both paid and non-paid waste disposal.
  • Each clip on the card corresponds to 0.25 m³ of chargeable waste (e.g., a 240l bin or a full black garbage bag).
  • If cards are forgotten, fee-based waste disposal payment is required at the tariff rate.

Sorting and Entry Process:

  • Waste must be sorted upon arrival at the Strönd station.
  • Unsorted or hard-to-identify waste, like items in black garbage bags, may result in the card being charged for the entire mix.
  • The entrance at Strönd is narrowed, and vehicles must stop at marked points for waste assessment and card cutting if necessary.

Types of Fee-based Waste:

  • For households and leisure centers, fee-based waste includes coarse and mixed waste, inert waste, timber, and more.
  • Businesses pay fees for most waste, excluding specific items like plastic packaging (with a processing fee), corrugated paper, metals, and electronics.

Environmental Commitment:

  • The changes aim to encourage positive waste management practices among residents, leisure center owners, and businesses in Rangárvallasýsla.
  • Sorting waste contributes to environmental protection, recycling, and the reduction of unnecessary expenses.
  • The Strand reception center serves as a key service provider for county property owners.

Waste Type Charges (See Table):

  • The table outlines fee charges for various waste types from both companies and households/leisure centers.


  • Entering without a Clip Card: Possible, with payment for fee-based waste according to the price list.
  • Who Gets Clip Cards: All property owners paying waste disposal fees receive one card per year.
  • Lost Cards: Replacement cards available from the manager of Sorpstöð Rangárvallasýslu.
  • Unused Cards: Cannot be carried over to the next year; new cards will be issued in 2024.

Important Notice:

  • Opening hours at Strönd will change on April 1, 2024. Check for updated weekday hours on our website.