Established in April 2019, the Cultural Fund of Rangárþing eystra aims to foster and enhance cultural activities within the municipality.

Grant Opportunities

Twice a year, in February and August, we award grants to support creative initiatives.

How to Apply

Interested applicants are encouraged to review the guidelines for applying to the Culture Fund of Rangárþing eystra provided below. The application form is available for download here or can be obtained in person at the municipality's office.

Your application should include:

  • Project Description: Provide details about your project, including objectives, scope, and expected outcomes.
  • Project Schedule and Timings: Outline the timeline for your project activities.
  • Budget: Clearly present a budget indicating how the grant will be utilized.
  • Applicant Information: Include relevant details about yourself or your organization.

We look forward to supporting your cultural endeavors. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact us.

Application form

Agreement on allocation of funding from the Cultural Fund

Final report

Guidelines for Grant Allocation from the Culture Fund of Rangárþing eystra


  1. The primary objective of the Culture Fund of Rangárþing eystra is to promote and enhance cultural initiatives within the municipality.

  2. Eligible applicants include legal entities, non-profit organizations, institutions, or companies involved in cultural events in Rangárþing eystra. Individuals or entities with legal domiciles in Rangárþing eystra may apply for grants, even if the proposed project occurs outside the municipality. The Culture Committee evaluates project eligibility.

  3. Grant applications must be announced in February and August each year. Notifications should be published in local media and the municipality's social media channels.

  4. Applications must include a detailed project description with a project plan and timeline, budget, and relevant applicant information. Use the designated forms available on the Rangárþing eystra website.

  5. The Culture Fund of Rangárþing eystra does not cover operational or start-up costs. Municipal contributions are allocated specifically for individual projects. Travel grants are generally not awarded separately.

  6. A formal agreement is required between the grantee and Rangárþing eystra for each cultural grant. Beneficiaries must provide project implementation details, using a specified form, no later than three months after project completion and within one year of the contract signing. Two-thirds of the grant amount is disbursed upon contract signing, and the remaining one-third upon submission of the final report. Individuals or entities that have previously received a grant must submit the implementation form before a new application is considered.

  7. The local council of Rangárþing eystra determines the annual allocation amount based on the budget.

Approved at the local council meeting of Rangárþing eystra on November 24, 2022