Are you moving to Rangárþing eystra?

Practical information:

Postal code

In Hvolsvöllur it is 860 in Rangárþing eystra, outside of Hvolsvöllur it is 861.


The office of Rangárþing eystra:

Location: Austurvegur 4, 860 Hvolsvöllur (same building as Krónan)

Phone: 488 4200


Opening hours:

Monday to Thursday from 08:30 - 16:00 

Fridays from 08:30 - 13:00



 Moving, what to do?

Are you moving to Iceland ? - here you can fill out an application for kennitala.

Are you moving to Iceland ? - here is a form you fill out if you are moving to Iceland.

Are you moving within Iceland ? information on how you notify when you move within Iceland.


Electricity - When moving home or changing a occupier to take over a meter, it is important to notify name changes to RARIK. You need to notify who is moving out and who is moving in (name and ID number). Usually a meter reading is done once a year, and it is therefore necessary to read the meter on the time of moving. In most cases, occupiers can themselves easily read the meters and send the numbers. Here you can notify changes.

Hear - If you are transferring residences to a new user taking over as payer of the stated measures, you are informed to notify at the right time. Here is information on what to consider when switching users. Please fill out the registration form. Here is the form.

Taxes - An individual that stays in Iceland for less than six months in a twelve-month period, has limited tax liability in Iceland. This means he must pay tax on income arising from sources in Iceland although he still has unlimited tax liability in another country. Taxable income includes, for example cash payments, wages, fees, sickness allowance and benefits in kind. He is allowed the same deductions for expenses as residents, i.e. the mandatory payments to pensions insurances funds 4% of total employment income and in addition voluntary pension insurance premiums of up to 4% of total employment income. If the stay in Iceland is six months or longer in a twelve month period, the individual is considered to be a resident of Iceland, which means he has unlimited tax liability from the day of arrival to the country. In which case taxes are levied on world wide income. Former residents remain subject to unlimited tax liability for 3 years after leaving the country, unless they prove that they have become subject to taxation in another country. If you worked in Iceland last year you must remember to file your tax return, even if you moved out of the country. Here you can find more informations on taxes in Iceland.

Housing benefits - Housing benefit takes the form of monthly payments intended to assist those who rent residential premises, whether this is within the socially assisted housing system, in student residences or on the open rental market. The Housing and Construction Authority handles the implementation of the Housing Benefit Act, No. 75/2016, and takes decisions regarding entitlement to housing benefit.

The general administration of the benefit system is handled by the Housing and Construction Authority’s office in Sauðárkrókur. More information and application can be found here.

Directorate of Labour - The Directorate of Labour bears overall responsibility for public labour exchanges and handles day-to-day operations of the Unemployment Insurance Fund, the Maternity and Paternity Leave Fund, the Wage Guarantee Fund and many other projects connected with the labour market.

The Directorate attends to a range of responsibilities including the registration of job-seekers and the calculation and payment of unemployment benefit.

In addition to its headquarters in Reykjavík, the Directorate has eight regional offices around the country which give job-seekers and employers professional assistance with employment searches and staff engagements. More information can be found on there website.


 My first steps in Rangárþing eystra

Application for Kindergarten

In Rangárþing eystra, there is a kindergarten named Alda, recently constructed and situated at Æskuslóð 1, Hvolsvöllur. The facility accommodates children from 12 months old onwards. The application form for enrollment can be accessed here.


Elementary School Hvolsskóli

Hvolsskóli functions as a primary educational institution, catering to students aged 6 to 16, and is organized across 10 grade levels. Children start the education in Hvolsvelli in August the year they turn 6 years old.

After-school activities are available for children in grades 1 to 4, extending from the end of the school day until 16:15. Here is the application form for participation in these after-school activities.

Daily, a hot meal is provided at lunchtime in Hvolsskóli. The tariff details can be found in the here. Should you wish to apply for lunch, the application form is accessible here.

Children residing outside of Hvolsvöllur have the option to avail themselves of the school bus service for daily transportation to and from school. Here is the application form for the School bus.


Sports and activities


In recent years, there has been a consistent collaboration between Hvolsskóli and local sports clubs. Various opportunities exist, with the caveat of coordinating the availability of a selection of instructors and trainers at any given time.

This collaboration is structured to allow sports clubs such as KFR, Dímon, Skotfélagið Skyttur, and Judofélag Suðurlands to conduct exercise sessions during the school hours, enabling Hvolsskóli students to engage in physical activities immediately after school. Additionally, there are also exercise sessions available after the conclusion of the school bus service.