The Multicultural Council of Rangárþing eystra proposed to the Regional Council of Rangárþing eystra that access to the app Bara tala be provided for foreign employees of Rangárþing eystra. The Regional Council approved the Multicultural Council's proposal, and the implementation of the app among foreign staff has now commenced.

Bara tala is a digital Icelandic teaching tool based on artificial intelligence and Icelandic language technology, offering solutions derived from the Icelandic language technology program.

With Bara tala, companies have the opportunity to train their staff in Icelandic, focusing on workplace vocabulary and phrases. Bara tala emphasizes sound, visuals, and spoken language to enhance vocabulary, listening skills, and assist immigrants in speaking Icelandic.

Bara tala was the recipient of the Menntasprotann award in 2024.

The app is available for purchase by companies for their staff, with many vocational training funds offering subsidies for its acquisition.

Rangárþing eystra encourages companies in the municipality to explore this option for Icelandic education for their staff.