Mayor's Memo Presented at Local Council Meeting on April 11, 2024

During the recent local council meeting, I provided an update on the key projects currently underway in Rangárþing eystra. Given the proximity of Easter, this overview is briefer than usual, with fewer working days between meetings. Despite potential weather constraints, I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday.

Unification Matters

The district council of Ásahrepp has initiated informal discussions with Rangárþing eystra and ytra regarding a potential merger of municipalities within Rangárvalla county. Representatives from these municipalities convened to explore various scenarios and gauge public sentiment on the matter. Diverse opinions were voiced during the meeting, reflecting the complexity of the issue. Importantly, no options were dismissed outright, signaling a readiness for further deliberation among the local councils in Rangárvalla County. Notably, the last merger proposal in 2021, which encompassed a larger scope including Mýrdals and Skaftáhrepp municipalities, was narrowly approved by Rangárþing eystra but ultimately rejected by Ásahreppi residents. Subsequent surveys in Rangárþing eystra revealed a 64% approval rate for merging the three municipalities in Rangárvalla county. Moving forward, our focus remains on facilitating inclusive discussions aligned with the interests of our residents, who ultimately hold the decision-making power.

Bjarg – New Apartments

Prior to Easter, the housing association Bjarg graciously hosted local government representatives to tour the newly constructed apartments at Hallgerðartún 69-75. Bjarg öfötvafélag, a nonprofit housing organization established by ASÍ and BSRB, aims to provide secure, long-term rental housing for families following the Nordic model of "Almene boligering." Commencing in early 2022 with initial contributions and land allocation from the local council, the project broke ground on August 18, 2023. Despite high demand exceeding supply, the apartments were successfully leased, with tenants moving in ahead of schedule on March 27, 2024. This achievement underscores the collaborative effort between Bjarg, contractors, and the local government, offering heartfelt congratulations to the new tenants.

Community Associations' General Meetings

Spring heralds numerous general meetings within community and regional associations, many of which involve municipal participation. These gatherings primarily focus on reviewing and approving the 2023 annual accounts, integral to the municipality's financial reporting process. Encouragingly, most accounts demonstrate sound financial management, auguring well for Rangárþing eystra's overall fiscal performance in 2023.

Sports Facilities Construction

As part of the 2024 budget deliberations, plans are underway to develop a new outdoor basketball court and initiate preparations for an artificial grass court. Progress on both fronts is promising, with advanced stages of design, site selection, and material procurement for the basketball court, slated for construction at Hvolsskóli this summer. Additionally, considerations are being made regarding the artificial turf project, weighing options between establishing a new field or refurbishing the existing SS field into a heated, illuminated artificial grass facility. Furthermore, discussions have surfaced regarding the potential addition of a beach volleyball court in Gamla-Róló, a proposition deserving further exploration. These initiatives are pivotal for enhancing our municipality's infrastructure and fostering a vibrant community spirit in Rangárþing eystra. We remain committed to collaborative efforts with residents, striving for excellence in our municipal framework.

Signing Contracts with Sports Clubs

In the process of finalizing the budget for 2024, it was unanimously agreed to augment funding for grants to sports clubs within the municipality, aimed at bolstering youth engagement initiatives. With the majority of existing contracts between the municipality and sports clubs reaching their conclusion at the close of the previous year, recent weeks have seen the renewal of these agreements. Our municipality takes immense pride in the robust youth programs facilitated by our sports clubs. It's not an overstatement to claim that few municipalities across the nation can rival the breadth and caliber of youth sports and health promotion initiatives we foster here. Gratitude is owed to all involved, particularly the dedicated volunteers whose efforts are instrumental in realizing these endeavors.

Cost Estimate – Municipal Waste Management

As highlighted in earlier communications within the mayor's memo, Rangárþing eystra actively participated in a collaborative project orchestrated by the Union of Icelandic Municipalities, alongside four other municipalities. Substantial efforts have been dedicated to meetings, data gathering, and comprehensive analyses. Just last week, we received the initial draft report detailing the project's outcomes. It's gratifying to note that the preliminary findings indicate favorable results for Rangárþing eystra and its residents concerning municipal waste management costs, with our municipality boasting the lowest cost per resident according to the initial draft. We eagerly anticipate the finalization of the report and its subsequent presentation to our residents.


As spring unfolds, bringing with it the return of migratory birds and the emergence of verdant grass, optimism permeates the air. Spring symbolizes renewal and offers a beacon of hope for the future. Indeed, the future appears promising for Rangárþing eystra.

Anton Kári Halldórsson

Mayor of Rangárþing eystra