Children's Day is celebrated in many European countries on June 1 every year. This day is dedicated to children and families spending time together.

On this day, the Multicultural Council of Rangárþing eystra invites all children and their families to swim for free at the swimming pool in Hvolsvelli. Additionally, there will be a bingo competition where lucky families can win prizes.

The bingo competition works as follows: below, you'll find a bingo card. Each family should take pictures of themselves over the next few days until June 2, completing five activities on the bingo card. Participation is completely free, and the five activities are specified on the card. Families should submit their photos to the email address On June 2, three lucky families will be randomly selected to receive a delicious treat.

Bingo card

The Multicultural Council of Rangárþing eystra sends greetings to all children in the municipality on this special day and hopes that families will enjoy spending time together.